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Finishing your doll Section 3- Traditional Hair, 2nd and 3rd layers

Finishing your Doll - Section 3
The Second and Third Hair Layers

The Second Layer
Step 1: Pin the second layer of hair on the center part, on top of the 1st layer.

Step 2: As in sewing on the first layer, using large basting back stitches, sew down the center part of the 2nd layer, using your first layer as a guide.

Step 3: Using the second line as a guide (if you don't like the placement of the second line, you can lower this line a little), using small stitches, bring the strands of yarn down 2-3 at a time and sew one side, then the other, creating a solid layer of hair. These stitches are going to be exposed to your little one's hands!!!

When you are finished with this layer, your doll should look something like this....

The Third Layer
Step 1: Pin your third layer on top of the head using the center part as a guide.

Step 2: Using small backstitches, sew down the third layer. This layer will get the most wear and tear from little ones, so you will want to go over this layer with your stitches at least twice.

The Finished Look!!!!

Congratulations!!! Now you can cut and style your doll's hair to your heart's content!