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Finishing your Doll: Getting Started

Many people have asked me how easy it is to finish an ashtabeulah baby. It is sewing-intensive, but it's basic sewing and can be completed in a few hours depending on your commitment/confidence/the look you're going for/etc.

Just remember - you do have an heirloom quality doll on your hands, but these dolls are all about creating a primitive, folk artsy, ooak vibe. No doll will be "perfect". Every doll is going to be different, which is what's so great about them! Anything you perceive as an imperfection really just adds character to the doll. Have a good time!

To start, make sure you're comfortable. My preference is to work on a couch or loveseat. The arms are automatic pin cushions, you can prop your doll and supplies on pillows and easily watch Battlestar Galactica, True Blood or whatever fantastic tv show tickles your fancy. Make sure you have enough light and you've got fewer distractions than your average day.